HARBOR WALK Interactive Map Instructions
Track Your Way Along The Walk
[Beta 3.0]
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       By using Google Maps you are able to use a smart device such as an Android or iPhone to track where you are along the Harbor Walk trail, which is drawn as a magenta line on a base Google Map. We are working on a Follow the Walk, but because the walk wanders across private property and rights of way over private property ... not just city streets and sidewalks ... we are on hold waiting for more updates from Google. This App does use up battery so keep that in mind.

       We look forward to presenting a "follow the magenta line" once we have more options from Google. Meanwhile, here is what you need to do:
1. You need an active Google Account. Click here to do that.
2. Make sure you have the free Google Map App installed from your phone's App store ... and GPS ON in your device.
3. Add Maps to the Google Maps App on your Phone by following this link, confirm that you have these two maps shown, then click "Save to Drive." You can add maps to your Google Map App from your desktop.
4. Open Map on Phone -- hitting the Google Map icon open the Google Map App.
5. Once in Google Maps go to "Your Places"
if you don't get this page ... click and hold left side of screen and slide right ... or touch the gray box in the top left corner.

6. Select the map in this next window
by scrolling down to "maps" and click on that map.
Unfortunately they like to insert a lot
of "other stuff" before you find your maps.
7. The next screen should be your map
and somewhat look like this.   >   >    >    >

8. Pick a spot to navigate to ... and press the blue arrow. Photo icons, however, may not be ideally located to navigate to, especially if they are not on land.
9. Your choice will be highlighted with a White Halo.

Press the Walk to Button and a navigation map pops up.

10. Nearly all the icons have, or will eventually have, more information linked to them.

Here is how to dig down into the database.

Press on an icon, a data page pops up with photo(s) or reference links(s). Pressing on a photo link will pop up a larger photo.
11. Good Luck and remember this is a Beta version ... we are always open to input.
Thanks ... the WebGhost.com Team

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Base Maps are completely credited to Google.
This Newport Harbor Walk website remains under construction.
We welcome information or photos anyone would like to share. Web Master